Thursday, April 5, 2012

Swim, Run, Sleep

Yesterday my motivation was at about zero percent. Yes zero. I know that is so sad. Alarm went off in the morning and I just turned it off. This meant my run and swim would both be in the evening.

I was still tired when I got off work and wanted nothing more than to nap when I got home. I started talking to myself on my ride home, telling myself I can do this run and there is no good reason I should skip it. Then a guy passed me in his full cycling kit in the bike lane. I don't know what it was about getting passed, but right then and there I decided that I wasn't going to let myself be a slacker.

Once home, I changed and out the door I went in my running clothes. Wednesday is usually my speed work or interval day, but I gave myself the green light to just do an easy 50 minute tempoish run since I struggled so much to get myself out the door anyhow. Usually when I feel like this, my run goes fine but not today. I struggled big time and it felt so hard every step I took. I went into survival mode and really just wanted to finish and finish I did. 6 miles done and a smile on my face for pushing myself and not giving into temptation (ie sleep).

Although sleep creped back into my body shortly after eating dinner. My eyes were closing on the couch and I wanted to go to bed for the night (granite, it was only 7pm). I peeled myself off the couch though at about 7:45 and headed to the pool. I thought I might fall asleep in the water, but to my surprise my swim actually went well. 3050 yards done and no drowning.

Overall, I hate the days that I don't feel like doing anything. But take that zero motivation! I still did my workouts :)

Happy Thurs All :)


  1. Good job getting out there without any motivation! I have found it's tough to decide sometimes whether I REALLY truly need to rest, or whether I am just slacking and need to push myself to get it done. Looks like you made the right choice based on how you felt afterwards! Now go rest :)

  2. Many times I have the best workouts on the days I absolutely do not want to workout! Weird huh?

  3. Sometimes it's okay to give in and let yourself have that break! But kudos to you for hanging in there on that run!

  4. That's awesome you pushed through that tired feeling and managed not only a decent run but a good swim, too!

  5. Wow that is some dedication! I could never head to the pool that late at night - mostly because it is my toughest sport mentally but also because once I eat dinner, there i no getting me to do anything. But I agree with Elizabeth above - sometimes you just gotta listen to your body and rest!

  6. Yeah, sometimes it's important to remember that we do this sport out of our own free will and that we're not professionals. And, some days you just don't feel like waking up at the crack of dawn...and that's okay. Professionals don't have work days to make it through. I think it's important sometimes to remind yourself that your career comes first. We get so involved with triathlon that we tend to put it first...but we can't. This is a hobby and not our job. So, if you need to sleep in to make it through your work it.