Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Recap ~ group ride & gymnastics

My weekend didn't really feel like a weekend and I'm so tired as I sit here writing this...
Friday I was suppose to get my long run in before work. Well it just didn't happen, which meant I got no long run in for the weekend which sucks. But on the up note I did go to the pool after work and swam 2200 yards straight. I was basically starting to panic a little about the moved up 70.3 date. I have never swam this distance in a race before and just wanted to double check with myself that I could indeed do it. Confidence boost! I could do it :) and it didn't really seem so bad. The worst part was all the counting. That's a lot of laps to keep track of!
Saturday morning came way to quick and the alarm was going off at 6:30 before I knew it. I needed to fit my bike/brick in fairly early so I could make it to my team's gymnastics championship meet on time that was being held in Columbia, MD. To save time, I really didn't want to drive anywhere to go ride, so Jason and I just choose to ride up MacArthur Blvd. It looked cold outside and it was at around 45 degrees. I thought about the trainer, but ugh. We wanted to leave the house at 7:30 but with extra procrastinating lally gagging around that it just didn't happen. We were out the door rolling around 8am though. It was not our plan to ride with the DC Tri group but we saw them waiting there at 8th and Penn and I knew they were riding the same route as I wanted to, so I thought this would be fun to join the group ride. And it was fun! Plus, well,  they knew the best way over to MacArthur from the Hill. I haven't done a group ride in awhile so I just stayed in the back brushing up on all my hand signals and such. I am slow at clipping in and lost part of the group that was going to ride up Lions Gate for some extra hills. Since I have never done this ride before I just rode up the first hill in Lions gate then just turned back around and continued on MacArthur. I would have liked to done the whole hill loop, but hey there is always next time. At least I got one semi good climb in. 

The club re-grouped at the BP station at MacArthur & Falls Rd, then some went on to ride to Poolesville and some headed back to DC. I had a shorter ride on the schedule, so I choose to head back to the city. On our way through Georgetown one of the girls we were riding with could not unclip at a stop light. She was falling into a guy on his motor cycle stopped at the light and grabbed his side mirror as she was falling. She actually took off his side mirror and it ended up just dangling there! Luckily he was very nice about it and said it wasn't a big a deal. So, the rest of the short ride home we laughed and teased her about it. Overall, 40 very cold miles later, I had such a great time! I will def. be riding with the club again :)
Once home, I put on my running shoes and out the door I went from a half hour brick. My legs were extra happy to be running, but I could not feel my feet at all. I had my toe covers on my bike shoes but it didn't help my feet from going numb. They were frozen solid. Solid I tell you. It wasn't until about 20 minutes or so into the run that I could actually feel my feet. I some how managed to squeeze out faster than expected miles and finished 4 miles in 31 minutes :)
I had just enough time to shower and eat before leaving for my meet. This was of course after I ran around like a mad man looking for the girls floor music. In the end I had to burn another copy because I forgot their music at our gym. What a bad coach.
The rest of my day was filled with gymnastics from 2 - 9pm, but my first group of kids did great with some ties for first place on some of the events!
If you are Daily Mile, you will see I did nothing on Sunday, but don't let this fool you. Even though I didn't work out, it most defiantly not a rest day :( Sunday was filled with more gymnastics and I had 4 sessions that I coached at. I was at the meet from 8am - 8:30pm. That is a lot of gymnastics folks. And there is just something about coaching that makes you so tired! I sometimes think being at a meet is harder than lets say biking 4 hours. I don't know. Anyhow, I am so proud of all of my girls. They worked so hard all season and really had the meet of their lives, well at least for some of them did. We had some more 1st -3rd places and lots of smiles. 

By the time I got home around 9:30 I was about ready to pass out and I was hungry! They kindof forgot to feed the coaches at this meet and only basically had cookies and pop for us!!! I literally ate 3 cookies in a row and drank a coke in hopes of not passing out while there. Thank goodness for having a water bottle with me that I could re-fill. At least I didn't get dehydrated, I guess that's a plus.
This week will be a short week for me as I leave for Vegas on Friday morning. It will be fun trying to fit in all my workouts in 4 days.
Happy Monday and I hope everyone had a great weekend :)


  1. Sounds like an exhausting weekend! I'm glad your team did well.

  2. Jeez, that sounds like an exhausting weekend!
    Congrats to your team :)