Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What to Do?!?!

Over the last week or so I have been thinking a lot about Kinetic and Mooseman 70.3. I guess the big question is, I don't know what to do about these races...
I registered for Mooseman back in July and it was going to be my big A race and big travel race for the year. After the race, Jason and I were going to take some vacation time and explore New Hampshire, then travel to Boston for a couple days afterwards as I have never been. However, then I registered for IM Louisville and with that, all our vacation plans after mooseman were squashed. We will basically be driving up there on a Friday, race on Sunday, then jump in the car after the race (ouch legs) and drive 10 hours home. This does not sound like fun to me. I wish this race was closer. Plus now I have two big travel races that both involve a 10 hour drive. That's a far drive that involves a lot of gas money.  I don't know. I guess I feel like my heart really isn't into this race, but I would hate to waste a race entry. If it was closer, I would not even be questioning not going, but I guess it is what it is.  
This brings me to the Kinetic Half. I was currently registered for the aqua-velo and was going to use this race as a practice race for mooseman. But, after talking to Rachel and Victoria yesterday I decided to write the race director to see if my entry could be switched to the full 70.3. A few short hours later I got an email back that stated: "You are now registered for the Kinetic half 70.3, hope you enjoy the race!"
So, yeah now I am registered for two 70.3s that are 3 weeks apart. Kinetic is May 12th and Mooseman is June 3rd.
The training plan I have been using is a 20 week program with the target date of June 3rd. I do feel like I would be ready for Kinetic, but I'm also not sure if I should start playing around with my training now to try to make it fit for Kinetic. Another down side to Kinetic is it is the weekend after I get back from Vegas. I would really hate to miss training the weekend before a race, even though I know I would be on a taper.
I guess, I still have no clue what I really want to do. Race Kinetic? Use Kinetic as practice? Go to mooseman as a fun race? Go to mooseman & race race? Scrap mooseman all together and waste my entry fee, but save gas & hotel money?
Ugh. I am a mess right now. 


  1. I think the fact that she just switched your registration confirmed your path of action :).

  2. Just relax and enjoy both races. Don't worry about PR's and try your damnest to just treat it as a just a training day and not insane hard core all out race day. That's for Louisville. :)

  3. WOW! 2 in a row! You are EPIC! Just shoot to finish them- make that your main goal. If you need a place to crash in the Boston area let me know ;-)

  4. I would just do Kinetic. It's close and a TON of other DC triathletes will be there. You are in great shape for it, and the weekend before would be a taper weekend anyway. Have a great race, then skip Mooseman and keep the Ironman training going!

  5. Mooseman isn't worth it. Its in a desolate part of NH (I grew up 25 mins away) and there is nothing special about the race course that will aid you in pursuit of your A+++ goal the year, Louisville.

    Have you gotten a compact crank yet? You won't need one for Louisville, and you will need one for Mooseman and it is NOT worth getting that crank for one race.

    The gas alone to get up there and back will be more than the race cost in the first place, plus hotels.

    I wouldn't fret losing Mooseman. Look @ the big picture of the season: Louisville!

  6. You know what I think... race Kinetic! :)

  7. Race both! Both are good races, and they would be good practice for Ironman, and they are far enough apart that I bet you'd be able to race both (I did them both a few years ago, great fun!). Good luck in decision-making, re-tooling the race schedule is never fun!

  8. Here's hoping that you race Kinetic. I'll be there cheering for you if you do! I agree with Caroline though: race both!