Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rumpus Goals

I can't believe my first tri of the season: Rumpus in Bumpass is this Saturday! It has really snuck up on me and I keep forgetting that I have a race this weekend at all. I guess this could be a good thing because I'm not nervous about it and hopefully it stays that way. Last year I would have been freaking out about the swim, but this year not so much. Ok maybe a little bit as the swim still really scares me and I suck at sighting.
SetUp events sent out an email yesterday stating that they changed the start location and courses for this race. This doesn't bother me at all because well I never looked at the course maps to begin with. I guess the advantage of moving the starting location though is that the water is suppose to be warmer! This is a good thing :) The bike course will be the same and the run will be like a cross country course.
Anyhow, so I'm not really sure what my goals are or should be going into this race. I seem to be at this point more concerned about what tri kit I will be wearing? My DC TRI kit or my bright orange Timex kit? Oh the decisions ...
But I guess more seriously, I would like to execute a good race.... and not really focus on time so much
Swim: I really don't know what to expect here. As I mentioned earlier I suck at sighting. All the buoys will be on my left and I only breath to my right. ugh. Plus, well I haven't done any open water swimming since August of last year. Yikes. I guess I just hope I make it out in one piece and don't get kicked too hard or swam over too many times.
Bike: The bike course is suppose to be fast and boomer is excited to go to her first race. I'm hoping to nail my nutrition and not forget to drink/eat so I don't bonk on the run like I did in every race last year.
Run: I have never really ran a cross country course and am not really a fan of running on gravel roads. But more importantly I hope I feel good off the bike and have a smile on my face the entire time. I don't want the run to turn into a suffer-fest.
Overall, the more I think about it, the more excited I am to race! It's suppose to be a nice day with a high in mid- 70s.
Good Luck to everyone else who is racing!!!
Happy Thurs All :) 


  1. Good luck! Sounds like a fun way to kick of your tri season.

  2. It's great that you're not getting too nervous. It's so much better not to expend the energy getting worked up about a race! Have fun and enjoy the warmer water. Good luck!