Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lake Anna Century Classic

M and I stayed with my cousin on Friday night as she lives near the Lake Anna Area and was only 9 miles from the start of the Lake Anna Century. Going down the night before would give us extra sleeping time which is always a win in my book. However, since we were so close we actually lally-gaged around in the morning and ended up getting onsite with about 10 minutes before the start of the ride. Once there we checked in (they had ran out of cue sheets), got our bikes ready, and met up with Rachel. We hoped Rachel had picked up a cue sheet, but they had already ran out when she checked in too :(

Unlike most century starts, this was not a rolling start. We did a mass start at 8am. It was a little odd and all the cyclists were crowded together. Both Rachel and I had rode our tri bikes in hopes of going in aero and really hoped the riders would spread out within a couple of miles. In an effort to get away from the pack, M took off like a bat out of hell and we never saw him again until the first rest stop at mile 20. The riders did spread out after awhile though and ride got enjoyable. The three of us were only doing the metric century and it was a great route we rode on, plus the weather couldn't have been any more perfect. 

We stopped at the first rest stop because I really needed to use the rest room and was too lazy to wait in line at the beginning of the ride. 

The rest stop was held in front of a church, but there was no port-a-potties and no way to use the bathrooms inside the building. So with the rest of the guys I marched off into the woods and had to pop-a-squat! Ugh. It was a short stop and I just ate my waffle instead of the chips they provided.
After the stop, M did a better job of staying with us. The course itself had some nice rolling hills which made it fun. 

Since we did not have a cue sheet with us, we payed attention to the signs that they had set up at the turns. They were pretty easy to spot and I almost only missed one turn. For the most part the roads were nicely paved except for one of them. My hands were vibrating while in aero and it felt like my teeth were clanking together because it was so bumpy. I was very happy to get off this section of the road!
We stopped at the second rest stop at mile 40 to refill out water bottles. I would have grabbed something to eat at this stop too, but they only had fruit. And I don't know, I really didn't want fruit, so I ate my chews instead.  

It was a short stop and once back on the road it seemed like we were the only three out there. Right after this stop we had to make our way over a one lane bridge. This probably was my least favorite part of the ride. Although it gave me a chance to snap a picture of Lake Anna. 

We hit the 56 mile split around 3:16 which would make me happy in a 70.3. Actually I have no idea what to expect out of myself during a 70.3. Anyhow, 3:30 hours later we rolled back to the start with just a little shy of 60 miles.
Then it was off for a short 20 minute brick, that wasn't too exciting.
Overall I had a blast. This was the first year that this century has been held and I think they did a pretty good job but they also need to work on some things like providing port-a-potties at the rest stops.
Afterwards, we went back to my cousins for lunch and to pet her baby goats :) 

Happy Tues All :) 


  1. Looks like it was a perfect day for the ride! Nice job.

  2. Mass bike starts scare me!!! That's why I do triathlons :-) Sounds like you had fun despite the bathroom situation. Awww cute goat!

  3. Nice recap! Forgot to tell you that I saw the girl on the hybrid riding in as I was leaving in my car. So maybe we passed her after all... :)

    1. Oh that girl...we better have passed her at some point :)

  4. Goats are hands down my favorite farm animal. So cute! (Yes, I actually have a "favorite" farm animal. I'm from the South!)

    Nice job on the century! You're going to kill it in Louisville!

  5. Yes, the traffic jam at mass starts always gives me anxiety!
    Sounds like a wonderful day for a ride!

  6. Sounds like a fun ride! You are totally ready for a 70.3 with those splits!