Monday, April 23, 2012

IM training - week I don't know what?

Another week in the bucket and I had a great time!

Monday - Rest Day! Although I wish I didn't have to coach on this day so I could truly rest without working a ton of hours in a day.

Tues - Bike - 1:49 (31.4 miles)
M aka Jason got off work earlier this day. We kind of wanted to do the Fresh Bikes ride, but opted to do my new favorite green belt ride instead. It was basically a race against the sun set and we finished just as it was getting dark at 8pm. I was suppose to do a 15 minute brick after this ride, but was scared to run in that neighborhood by myself in the dark. Oh well, it was a great ride and I loved that M could join me :)

Wen -
Run (AM) - 55 minutes (6.63 miles) - There was nothing fancy about this run. I through in a couple speed intervals but I basically just ran at an easy-ish tempo pace. One of these days I will get my butt out of bed and join the DC TRI club for a morning track workout.

Swim (PM) - 1 hour (3100 yards) - Walked up to the pool with M and the pool was actually not crowded not a 8pm. Had a pretty good swim and the cool part was that the lights went out with 500 left. I loved swimming with the lights off!

Thurs - Bike - 1:15 (20.5 miles) - Left our house at 6:10 to make our way to Haines Point for some morning Loops. Yes M joined me for this ride. I think he was half asleep and didn't really talk to me most of the ride. Maybe next week he will be more excited about getting up at the butt crack of dawn.

Friday - 
Run (AM) - 50 minutes (5.6 miles) - Hill Repeats with my friend Meaghan, fun! I talked most of the run and didn't even keep track of how many times we ran up and down the hill. I love having a friend to do these with me. It really just made the time fly by and I almost forgot how bad it hurt running up Capital Hill.

Swim (PM) - 50 minutes (2700 yards) - I struggled through the water on this day and it felt like I had never swam before. I was thankful when they blew the whistle and kicked us out for closing. Ugh. I had swimming days like this.

Sat - Bike - 3:30 (60 miles) - Traveled to Fredericksburg VA for the Lake Anna Century with Rachel and Jason!

I will tell you all about the ride tomorrow, but it was so such a great course and the weather was perfect. I did have to check my ego at the door though as a girl with a hybrid passed me :(

Brick Run - 20 minutes (2.18 miles) - Short brick run with Rach to get the legs moving off the bike. It wasn't so bad, but it was hot.

Sunday -
Run (AM) - 1:48 (12 miles) - Rachel and I both had 12 miles to run and had the great idea of meeting up in Dupont so we could run some of those miles together. And boy oh boy am I glad we did this. The weather was like crap yesterday and I would have never left if I wasn't meeting her. I struggled the 4 something miles to Dupont and was so glad to meet up with Rachael. The 5 miles we ran together didn't seem so bad, but when we split ways at the bottom of the Capitol I struggled to finish the last 3 miles by myself. I was freezing when I got home and jumped in the shower, then under the covers on the couch and never wanted to leave.

Swim (PM) - 45 minutes (2500 yards) - I left my house at 3pm after I struggled to get myself back off the couch. The pool was crowded because I think no one wanted to be working out, outside. I jumped in a lane, then other people jumped in the lane. I ended up sharing a lane with 4 other fast people! I was doing sets of 200 and thought my heart might jump out of my chest. But hey, I guess swimming with fast people will make you faster :)

Today - Today I feel sick as a dog and really hope this is a one day sickness!

Happy Monday All. Hope you have a great weekend :)


  1. That is a great week of training Sarah!

  2. I saw your comment on Daily Mile about mid-week training routes. I really just ride all over the place in DC and Arlington. I do a lot of variations of the Contes loop, and sometimes do hill repeats up Foxhall, Arizona and/or Nebraska.

  3. Sounds like a great week of training. I hope you are feeling better soon so that you can have another strong week!