Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To go or not to go!

That is the question....
It never fails after every swim I do, I have to run into the locker room and pee right away! I always have to go so bad! And I'm thinking to myself: "I sure hope they have some port a potties at the T1 because there would be no way I would make it on the bike. So, I was doing a google search to see why I always have to go pee so bad after all of my swims. What I am across was an interesting pee survey for runners and triathletes that I found pretty funny and nasty at the same time.
Here are the questions:
1. Have you ever peed in the pool while at practice, or do you get out of the pool to go to the bathroom?
2. Have you ever peed down your leg in 5k race?
3. Have you ever peed while on your bike?
4. Have you ever peed in your wetsuit?
My responses to the questions:
1. No, I hold it until I'm done with my swim and use the restrooms in the locker room. Not to say that I'm not tempted and not to say I haven't peed in a pool or ocean before.
2. I think a 5k is too short of a race to have to go in the middle of the race. I always make sure I go before the races starts and have only stopped to use the port a potty during two races: a marathon and 10 miler. I have never just peed down my leg, but might consider doing it if it was raining out and I was in the middle of race that I was going to PR.
3. I never even knew people could pee while riding a bike! This seems impossible to me and I would hate to just wet myself then have to sit in it. But, hey if you can do, all the more power to you!
4.Well I haven't been in a race that I needed a wet suit, but I would have to say I would in this case, especially if I was still in the water, I would probably just let it go :) 
My conclusion after reading the survey and other people's responses to the questions was: ATHLETES ARE GROSS :) Myself included I suppose :)
So what do you guys think? Have you done any of these before?

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  1. Oh my gosh, that picture s hilarious! I have never done any of those things before. Of course I think guys have it much more easy than us ladies!!!