Friday, July 29, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. I have seriously ate cheese and crackers every day for dinner this week except for one! Don't get me wrong I love cheese (obviously if I ate it 4 times this week), but it's getting old, and I'm getting hungry! I have had no time to go to the g-store this week and we have no food at home. Plus, I guess it's no secret that I don't know how/don't like to cook. And what did I eat that one day I didn't have cheese... I met up for dinner with other DC area tri bloggers at Surfside! It was a wonderful time filled with good company, food, and drinks. It was just all around an awesome night, but what night wouldn't be compete without ice cream! Chloe sums up the night pretty good over on her blog, go check it out!

With Victoria, Chloe, Steph, Erin, Emily, and Lauren

2. In my head I thought today was a rest day, until I looked at my schedule yesterday and saw run: 7 miles. Ok not a big deal, my alarm was set for 6am and my plan was to run right into work to save myself time in the morning. Shower - smower - who needs one right? I went swimming last night (does that count)? I got dressed and was all ready to go, but something in my just didn't want to go. I had a head ache, I was hungry (cheese will do that to you), I etc, etc, etc. Anyhow, completely dressed in my running clothes I just laid back down and slept until 6:45. And for the first time while walking to work this morning I didn't get jealous when I saw other people running!!! They did not look like they were having fun and looked hot as hell. Bad ass I am not today. I didn't feel bad that I had skipped my run either. Hopefully I will feel this way after work and not wine to Jason that I wished I had ran in the morning.

3. I see lots of cycling in my future this weekend! The plan is to go up to Columbia tomorrow morning and run/bike the Duthe2 course. I am usually the type of person who just looks at the course maps over and over again, but with my lack of cycling confidence, I want to bike the course before the race. Plus it's a good excuse to get a brick workout in. Then on Sunday I am visiting my cousins and aunt in Fredericksburg VA. But before the visit, I plan on getting in 56 miles of cycling fun on the Kientic half course around the lake anna area. I have a century coming up in Sept and have to start upping my miles. Can someone remind me again why I even registered for this?? Oh yeah I was jealous to let Jason ride it by himself.

4. I need a trainer and a bike rack for my car. Any suggestions?

5. I'm hoping my DC Tri Club gear comes in soon so I can wear it in my up coming races. I couldn't make it to the Happy Hour or race at Rocket's landing to pick it up. So, it will be coming in the mail some time. Hopefully sooner, than later though!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Any exciting plans? And good luck to all racing!


  1. I have both a rack and a trainer but little experience with them - just go to Spokes, they will set you up. Maybe wait for their next sale.

  2. I also need a trainer and bike rack, so let me know if you get any good advice about which ones to get! And good luck with all of the cycling this weekend!