Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

My weekend started off great and slowly rolled downhill, with no one to blame for it except myself!

Sat, I had registered for an open water swim clinic that started at 8:30am. I gave myself an hour to get there since it was being held in Lorton, VA. Of course the traffic wasn't bad to my surprise and I made it there by 8, which wasn't a big deal. The clinic was great and I learned a a lot of good tips for sighting and not panicking while in the water. They had set up a 500 meter course which was 150 meters from the shore, so in my option it was an 800 meter course. There was seaweed and other gross stuff to get out to first buoy, but after that it was great!  If I wasn't out of swimming shape I would have done the loop 3 times, so that I got the full 1500 meters in. So I'm kindof mad with myself for not swimming more while I had the opportunity, but I still feel that this clinic was very helpful.

After the swim, I tagged on with some of the girls from Team Lipstick and went for a ride with them. This was really my first group ride and it was fun! Minus the fact the roads had no shoulders on them, but the cars seemed to be nice and went around us with no issues. It was nice to ride with a group and to ride somewhere new.

I was absolutely starving by about 4 since I think I was in the negative calorie rang with only eating breakfast. I had a taste for one of my favorite restaurants, Lauriol Plaza! Since Dupont is about 4 miles from my house and I didn't feel like taking metro or a taxi, I had the bright idea of trying out the capital city bike share program.

First off, they put a 101 dollar hold on your CC for 10 days to take out a bike! OMG, why?!?! This was fail number 1 for me. Fail #2: the bikes are the size of a horse and move like an elephant. No wonder I always pass people riding these bikes, it's because they don't move! Fail #3: I wore a short dress, so all of DC could see my goods as I rode across the city! What I did get out of it though is lots of laughs! I was laughing so hard most of the way because I felt like such an idiot. But overall, I think it's a great program because it gets people out there riding a bike instead of using a car, plus you don't have to worry about locking your own bike up.

After dinner I treated myself to a  pedicure :) It's nice to feel like a girl! Jason also got one with me :)

Afterwards, we went to Jack Rose's. I loved this place! It has a really sweet roof top deck and it was a great night out. What meant to be one drink after dinner, turned into 2, then 3, then so on! For some reason or another I knew I had to get up in the morning and do a long ride, but I stayed out till 1 in the morning.

The morning came and went and I stayed in bed most of the day. The only time I got out of bed was to move to the couch. I watched the Tour de France, IronMan 2010 world Championships, Final game of the Women's World Cup, and a movie.

Yes I wasted my entire Sunday because I stayed out and partied! I'm mad at myself for not getting my long ride in yesterday and I'm mad that I wasn't responsible enough to go home earlier. Not sure if it was worth it, but I did have fun!

How was your weekend? Do you ever just push your training to back of your mind and let yourself have fun knowing it's going to ruin your next days workout?


  1. Aw, sounds like a fun weekend!! I can't believe the put a $101 hold on your CC for TEN DAYS. Wow.

    Also, I have done that swim clinic a few times now!:) It's a good way to practice. I do hate that seaweed, gross!!

  2. Sounds like a good weekend, even without your long ride. You got a lot done on Saturday so there's nothing wrong with a lazy Sunday!