Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Conte's Hills ... where to begin.....

I don't even really know where to begin with this post...I have been planning on going to Conte's hill ride for some time now, but for some reason or another have never been able to make it until last night!
I was pretty excited to go to this ride and I basically knew I was going to get my ass handed to me on a plate, because I suck at hills and never really ride any. Hence why I want to do this ride. Jason was also joining me on this ride to help him get ready for the back roads century that is full of fun hills.  
Once Jason got home from work we had exactly 1 hour to make it Conte's and about 9.5 miles of city / trail riding to get there. Once I hit Curtis trail (which is also filled with hills) I was already struggling! At one point when the trail is at it's steepest I even walked by bike and felt like I big looser. I wasn't feeling the ride at all on the way over! Plus, we weren't exactly sure how to get there and I was getting pretty frustrated and wanted to turn around. I stopped for about 5 minutes to catch my breath and decide if I wanted to be a wimp and turn around and go home?? I really honestly thought about it, but thought that would be a stupid decision since I was almost there and Jason really wanted to do this ride. I kept looking down at my watch and the minutes were just clicking away with no Conte's in site. I'm thinking to myself when in hell are we going to get here, and that I'm already tired and am not going to make it on this ride.
We finally rolled up to Conte's at 6:25. As stated before I was already pretty tired from my commute over and said to Jason, "I'm not doing the ride, and I'll just wait for you by the store." But then my pride, or the fact that I get jealous when other people do something and I don't took over and as the B group rolling, I took off with them and stayed in the very back!!!
The first few miles were fine and I was having fun riding with the group. I was glad that I decided to come alone and not be a baby and stay back. But, then, umm, there came the hills! I'm not a strong cyclist to begin with and I certainly am just about the slowest person to ever ride up a hill. I looked down at my gps and saw 7 mph! I wanted to laugh because I was riding so slow. Some straggler biker said something to me, I'm not sure what? as he went zooming past me on the uphill. I could see the group getting farther and farther out of my distance, but I stuck with the hill and wasn't going to let myself walk up. Slowly and I mean slowly I made my way to the top and I was really sucking wind hard and thought my heart might jump out of my chest. But, yippy a down hill! This repeated for awhile until I had no clue where anyone else went?
I finally saw Jason standing by the side of the road and I was mad that he had dropped back and waited for me. I had told him several times, not to worry about me, and to continue to ride. He thought the group went one way, but we never saw them and thought it would be a good idea to just turn around before we got really lost. We had no clue where we were going and I yell out, "I should have just stayed at the store and I'm sorry for ruining your ride." Jason shots back in a nasty tune of voice, "I agree, you ruined my ride! " It is at this point I pull over and got off my bike and start crying! I was already emotional from not being able to keep up, and truly felt bad for wrecking Jason's ride. I had myself a small one minute pity party and jumped back on my bike. I slowly made my way back to the store getting lost a couple of times and having to do a couple of u turns and what not.
Total distance rode during Conte's semi ride was 10 miles. Which I guess is just 3 miles shy of the B group.
This ride was just terrible to me, from the horrible commute there which somewhat trashed my legs to even harder hills once I got there. There was nothing fun about yesterday and while I was riding I was thinking that I wished I had never signed up for another race that included cycling or hills! I was even a baby and rode the metro home with my trusty bike sitting next to me.
But you know what, I will be there next week and the week after that. I don't think it will get easier, but maybe I will get faster?  


  1. I want to try the Conte ride, but I'm a chicken - and a weak cyclist. Good work!

    And, congrats, on registering for your first 70.3 - you won't regret it!

  2. No, seriously, the ride sucks. I think you're insane to ride 9 miles including the Custis to get there. Next week drive or metro and you'll be much more fresh for the ride. It'll still suck, but you won't start out on tired legs. After a few weeks it'll get easier and start sucking less. Then maybe a few years from now we might actually enjoy it :)

  3. I agree, don't ride TO the ride, you need all of your energy for the ride! it gets better, i promise.

  4. Reading about your experience (and Beth's) just confirms the reasons that I haven't gone! Maybe next summer when I have a bit more cycling experience.

  5. What everyone else said! It also sounds like your head wasn't in it at all which can make a huge difference. I'm trying a hill ride tonight so we'll see how that goes!

  6. Aww, I'm so sorry about the rough ride. We all have them, and I am sure I would have had one if I tried to do that crazy hill workout and bike over there, too! Good for you for still doing it, and for being determined to go back next week. Once my foot is healthy again I might have to come join you!:)