Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm Back ...

and I didn't want to come back at all! I could live in and want to move to every country I visited. Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Denmark, and Estonia all equal GREAT!
I have so many pictures ... 3,000, yes 3,000 to be exact! But, going out Sat night till 3am when we had to get up for on flight yesterday at 5:30am made for a really long, exciting, hungover plane ride! I didn't get home till after 5pm yesterday and couldn't keep my eyes open. I went to bed at 7 which was really like 1 o'clock in the morning which meant I was almost up for 24 hours. I guess long story short is all my pictures are still on my camera because I was too tired to do anything once I got home. So, I don't have any to post today,  but don't worry there will be lots coming tomorrow.
Overall, the vacation was great! It wasn't what I would call a relaxing vacation though, which is good, because I don't like laying around at the beach for more than 1 day anyhow.  Our ship stopped at a port everyday where we did lots of walking and site seeing. I would say we probably did about 5 -6 miles of walking of everyday which made up for all the desserts I was eating. I only ran on the treadmill twice while on the cruise because I was so tired after walking all day that I no energy to make myself go. And just thought, screw it I'm on vacation and I don't want to worry about training.
Although after two weeks of doing nothing more than running a total 10 miles and walking god only knows how much, my body is so ready to start working out again! I feel like a sloth and am so excited to swim, bike, and run again! I would have to say this is the only thing I am happy to be back for, and well Kiwi of course. I feel very out of shape and I'm hoping this does not set me back to square one with my training. But, I would have never guessed that missed cycling as much as I did! Everyone that I saw with a bike in Denmark I drooled over and wanted to kick them off of it and ride it myself. I also thought for some reason I could buy a cycling jersey with a different language on it, but every cycling store I went into, they were still in English..booo
Hmm... I could babble on forever about the Baltic countries...but I'll post lots of pictures tomorrow and they can speak for themselves ...
Happy Monday all!!! I hope everyone had a great two weeks while I was gone!

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  1. Wow, 3,000 pics is pretty impressive, but for all the cool places you went, I don't blame you! I am the same way about liking to be on the mover rather than just sitting on the beach. Even though my husband and I went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon, we were always on the go, doing tours and zip lining and boating and such. I like a couple hours on the beach, but that's about it:).