Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back to Square One

So, as I get back to reality this week I realize that two weeks of doing basically nothing has really hurt my training. I not only feel like a fat sloth, but I also feel like I'm starting back at square one with my fitness level.

And on top of just feeling awful about myself, this weeks training is going less than perfect with the wonderful DC humid summers. I usually like to either run or bike in the morning, then do the other in the evenings. Well, yesterday was just way to hot to do anything, at least to me it was. So instead or riding, I played around on the computer looking at all my vacation pictures, went to the market, and was in bed by 9. Why did I skip riding, when I haven't been forever I haven't no clue? My excuse was and still is the heat!

This morning I was down at Haines Point by 6am to get 22 miles in. I was excited to be riding again, but my legs absolute hated me! Can we say out of shape! Great... how perfect!

And, I don't want to even talk about my swim on Monday night because it was terrible! My shoulders hurt and I felt like I did when I first starting swimming because I was having trouble making it 50 meters across the pool. I did manage to force myself to stay in the water long enough to get in 4 x 200 and 2 x 400s.

I am somewhat in panic mood and am worried that I may not be ready for my Duathlon and Oly tri August 7th and 15th. I have been training my ass off for I don't know how many months and I feel like it was all for nothing. Going back to square one is not a fun feeling at all... But I will try my best to stay positive... that's about all I can do right now.

So, in conclusion not training for 16 days equals a bad idea. But, do I regret going to awesome countries and having the time of my life. Absolutely not! This was such a great vacation!! I suppose my life will go on if I finish 5, 10, or 30 minutes slower than I wanted to at my races.

Copenhagen, Denmark

 St. Petersburg, Russia .. my fav!


  1. You'll get it back quickly. Slightly slower finishes are totally worth it for that kind of vacation!!!

  2. Give it another week and I bet you will be feeling back to normal!

  3. the first week coming back is always tough, but you'll bounce back fast!

  4. I love the vacation pics! I can't wait to see more! Ugh, I totally feel ya on trying to get back in shape in the heat. It's horrible. Just know that you're not alone, and that it would be kind of sucky anyway with this heat, so you'll be back and going in no time! Also, I hope if you resched the BBQ that we can make it this time! I really wanted to go:)

  5. Nice pics! I'm sure you'll be back up to "speed" faster than you think. Your body just needs to be reminded that it knows what to do.