Thursday, July 28, 2011

Confidence or lack there of ...

Is it the end of the week yet??? Yep I think it almost is!! Yippy!
Anyhow, my week has been going pretty good except for my cycling! I'm in a cycling doom phase, meaning the thought of even riding makes me want to curl up in a ball and stay in bed. After last week at Conte's hills and my melt down, my confidence was a bit shaken. I couldn't make it to the group ride this week, but attempted some hills on my own instead. The ride was just as bad for me and I wanted to throw my bike down and cry. I don't necessarily want to cry because it's hard. I want to cry because I'm so slow and sucky and can barley make it up hills. Yes, I'm having a pity party for myself. I thought I was making some cycling progress since I started riding in late Feb, but now I feel like I haven't made any progress at all. Which I think that is the most frustrating part for me. Since my self confidence level is about zero right now on the bike it makes it really hard for me to ride. I know that with lacking confidence, I actually ride worse because of the attitude that comes with it. I am a big believer that if you have high self confidence in any sport that you will perform better. So, I really need to work on getting my confidence level back up to were it needs to be and keep getting on my bike even if I'm dreading it. Nothing gets easy without practice, so practice I will do.
On a little bit of different note... I swam at Wilson for the first time yesterday and loved the 50 meter pool! Hopefully with the longer pool, my swimming confidence will go up as well. I feel as if the 50 meters will give me a little more practice as to what 1500 meters will feel like without a nice comfy pool wall to push off of. I know I can swim a mile without stopping in a pool, but open water, with tons of other people around you is a whole different story. Ok, I just made myself nervous about my upcoming tri.
Happy Thurs All! Have you ever had your confidence knocked down a couple notches? If so, what do you do to build it back up?


  1. Try spinning in your easiest easiest gears up hills next time. That's how I got over my throw my bike and have a tantrum hill climbing ways. Once I figured that out the hills seemed not so bad anymore.

  2. You are not alone girl! I am not a fan of hills either. In fact, I sometimes go out of my way to avoid them. Hang in there! I am sure you will do awesome at your next tri. :)

  3. As you know, I've been going through a rough time with cycling too and it seems like the only way to get through it is more practice. Hopefully you're feeling good on your bike again soon!