Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cycling Fears

While riding yesterday I was thinking about how many fears I have while cycling! So here they are in no particular order:

1. Cycling itself! - I have been scared of it since I was a child
2. Going around tight turns or curvy trails
3. Running into other cyclists, runners, and walkers
4. Going fast - yes I put my brakes on while going down hill
5. Traffic! - I've been hit by a car twice
6. Other people running into me
7. Clip shoes - I don't even have them because I'm scared
8. Riding over the 14th St Bridge
9. Wind - can it blow you and your bike down?
10. That I will meet my death on my bike!

So my conclusion is that these fears are holding me back and I have to get over them if I want to become a better cyclist or just a cyclist for that matter. I have to push these thoughts to the back on mind and just ride.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. the 14th street bridge does suck, but not as much as WIND! but you'll get over all these things, in your own time!

  2. Nice work getting back on the bike despite your fears.
    The more I ride, the less I worry about those things.
    Other ways I combat the fears:
    I always Take The Lane, I stay far away from parked cars and their dangerous doors that can open anytime, I wear flashing lights in back (and front), and I try to always adhere to the "Ride Like You're Invisible" advice.
    When I am riding I focus on the joy of the wind in my hair, the scenery flying past and the feeling of being so free.

  3. I am currently a Tri newbie (did my 2nd one today) and I was searching for an article on overcoming cycling fears. I share every single one of yours (minus the 14th St. Bridge) and additionally: reaching for my water bottle (or taking hands off the hoods in order to do so actually because same thing goes for GU in my back pocket, having people speed past me on my left, and the oddest of all... A fear of staying to the right. I always feel like I'm just going to loose control and swerve off the road and onto the grass into the ravine. It's not fun during races and it makes good riders maaaaaad. :( I WISH I could just get over these! Please tell me within the past year you have and that I too should in time with practice. :)