Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting back on Track

So after my weekend of eating bad and hurting my good knee, I have been trying to get back on track this week. My little dancing injury ended up being just that, little, and felt fine in two days! Thank goodness! Now my left knee is a different story L  
I went to the orthopedic last week and they told me I could start running again! Well I tried running a couple times this week and it basically starts hurting after 1-2 miles. Yes this sucks! Yes I really want to start running again! But, I suppose I will listen to my body and just run 2 miles a few times a week. That is better than nothing, right? I’m trying to stay positive about this whole thing and have been walking some days instead of running.
Talking about running… I have been wanting to sign up for some many races. They all look so fun! I held out on registering for half marathons in the fall, but I somewhat went on a little race shopping spree yesterday and signed up for two new races: Splash N’ Dash and Duthe2. The splash in dash is swim 300m, run a 5k. I think this one will help me learn a little about the multi-sport world. The second race is a duathlon: run 2, bike 26, run 4. I am excited to do this one as I sucked Jason to sign up with me J He doesn’t know it yet, but next yr. by this time he will be training for a triathlon with me! I also went to Express and did a little non-sport shopping and picked up three new tops and a pair of pants.  On top of that I ordered a new bike jersey which should be here today. Oh how shopping makes me happy.
So without being able to run as much as I would like I have been trying to focus on improving my cycling. Jason and I went down to Haines Point last night to do some laps.  I think I might be the slowest person down there and always get passed! Ugg, how this sucks! My mom always tells me I hated biking when I was young and was always slow. Well, she is right, I never really liked it, but I’m really trying to learn to love it and get out there for a ride when I can.
Happy Thursday all. Tomorrow is Friday and my parents are coming to visit for the weekend (and help us put up mosaic tiles in our kitchen)! Yippy!

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