Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vacation Booked!

This post really has nothing to do with training, but I will start off saying that on Jason and I's actual one year wedding anniversary I will be doing my first triathlon! Sorry Jason, but looks like you will be stuck cheering me on that day :)

Since my triathlon falls on June 19th, we decided to book a 11 day Baltic Sea Cruise with an extra three days in Copenhagen instead! I am super super excited for this cruise as we get two days in St. Petersburg, Russia! I have been wanting to go to Russia for a long time now. Since the weather was crappy last night, we booked all our shore excursions, which basically took forever! The best part is there is only 2 full days at sea and the rest are port stops. Here is at list of all our port stops: Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Berlin, Aarhus, and Olso. 

I will basically be missing a solid two weeks (June 24 - July 12th) of training for my Olympic distance tri in sept. I will try to get in as much as I can during this vacation, but probably will not be doing any swimming. I found a running tour in Copenhagen that looks pretty cool and the guide runs at whatever pace you feel comfortable at.

Happy Thurs.

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  1. that is AMAZING. I am jealous.

    and who cares about training- youll bei n great shape from the sprint and have plenty of time when you get back to tune up for the olympic!