Friday, April 22, 2011

Random Things

1. I woke up early to use the station bike at my work's little gym they have. I jumped in the shower afterwards and realized I forgot to bring a towel. So, I had to use paper towels to dry off! Good thing no one else was in there because it would have been super embarrassing!
2. I'm feeling a lot better about my swimming now that I can swim a mile without resting. But, I am still so scared of the thought of an open water swim! yikes!
3. I found an awesome site: that you can design your own bike jerseys at. I am so tempted to make me and Jason matching jerseys for our blackwater tour that is coming up. I love cheesy things! I don't think $100 bucks a piece is so bad for something that will look awesome!
4. Only 4 of my gymnasts showed up for practice last night which meant they got to have a fun day and I got to have a fun day as well and flip around in the gym :)
5. Taking the Marc train up to BWI after work to catch a flight home.  I hate flying out of BWI, but the flights are always so much cheaper than DCA.


  1. have a fun weekend home!!!

    I used to be a serious gymnast when I was younger and then did springboard diving in college. Sometimes I do cartwheels or walkovers in the hallways of my apt building when no one is watching :) I dont think I could do anything good anymore though...i wonder if I could even still do a back handspring...hhhmm..

  2. Ooooooooooh, I want a custom jersey!

  3. Lauren, I think once a gymnast, always a gymnast! My husband always is rolling his eyes at me because I do full turns, leaps, handstands, etc around the house.