Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Sprint TRI - All spread out!

Somehow I ended up doing a Sprint Tri today in a crazy order and  really spread out!

Thursdays are one of my long days (I work my full time job, get off at 4, then start my coaching job at 5 till 8:30). Anyhow, my alarm went off bright and early at 6:15 this morning so that me and Jason could ride down to Haines Point and do some laps since I didn't have to be at work @ 7:30 this morning. I could have used this opportunity to sleep in since my doctors apt wasn't till 10, but I didn't! We rolled out of the house at about 6:30 and for the first time in a week I could breath out of my nose :) The ride down to Haines Point is always so annoying. I hate all the stop and go and I have no real way to actually know how fast I'm going because I don't have a fancy GPS for my bike (which is a whole new story). By the time we got to HP my cold that I thought was gone, was back in full effect. My nose was running and I was hacking up a lung! We only made it one lap around then I wanted to head back home because I felt like crap. On the up note, I only got passed once... I'm such a slow poke! We did 12 miles in total.

As I mentioned I had a doctor's apt today to have my knee checked out that has been hurting me to do basically about everything for almost two weeks, though it has been feeling better this week.  He took some x-rays and did lots of knee tests and said I probably had a sprained ligament and he also through a bunch of other dr talk in there that I can't remember. But the good news is that he said I could start running again in small distances! In hopes that this was the news I had brought running clothes with me to work so I could get a small run before having to jump in my car to get to coaching.

I left work at 3:55 and the weather was great for my run and more importantly my run was great! I was so happy to be out there again, but boy do I feel out shape! Who knew this could happen when you don't run for two weeks. I think my legs might hurt tomorrow from this? I did a total of 2 miles :)

After coaching at 8:30, I am always so tired and hungry it's a struggle to get myself into the pool. But, I work at a Sportsplex and the pool is free, so you can't get any better than that! I forced myself into my suit and dragged myself into the water. I did a warm up of a 50m swim, then had planned to do a ladder workout. As I began to swim, I knew if I stopped that I would most likely just jump right out of the pool and go home! So, I swam the whole 1600m without stopping and did a 50m cool down. Total swim miles 1.06

So all in all I did a mini tri today with lots of rest breaks: Bike 12 miles, Run 2 miles, swim 1.06 miles.

Just got home from my swim and had to get some kiwi time in

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