Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Recap

I will start off saying this weekend was pretty unproductive!

It started on friday night with me  not having a taste for any real food! I wanted everything and anything that was bad for me. I started off with some popcorn, but it wasn't hitting the spot, so I stopped eating that and decided I needed to go to Mott's Market (at the end of our block) to get some junk food! I came back with orange pop, an oatmeal cream pie, and ice cream! And yes I had a little bit of everything. I went to bed Friday night happy and full of junk food.

Sat was off to a slow start, I woke on sat at 10:30...wait did I just see the clock right! 10:30! I never sleep in this late and still felt tired. I guess from being sick all week I really needed the sleep. I dragged myself out of bed because I didn't want to waste the whole day and went down to cook scrambled egg paties on english muffins for Jason and I before heading out for our longest bike ride to date. We planned to bike up the Mt. Vernon trail and back which would give us a ride of about 40 miles.

Getting down to the trail is always super annoying to me: stop and go, stop and go! Oh and don't get me started on all the tourists out and about because of the cherry blossoms. Once on the trail, the ride was pretty good until we hit the area around Old Town were they were setting up the finish line tents for the GW Parkway 10 mile run. There are some railroad tracks in that area that hate bikers! I was riding behind Jason and saw him go down! He couldn't clip his foot out fast enough and he went down with his bike on-top of him! Luckily though he was ok for the most part with just some bloody knuckles and scrapes along his leg. Battle Wounds! 
Dangerous Tracks and the Battle wounds to prove it!

 We continued on with our ride and got a little lost because they are doing some work along the trail and there was a detour. The trail gets a little twisty and turny as you get closer to mt vernon and made me think of the song: skinny -ma- rinky- do. ha.  When we made it to the Mt Vernon we stopped for a 5 min break to drink some water and eat our granola bars we brought with us.

We made it!
 The whole ride I was holding Jason back because I am not as fast of a rider as he is. Overall the 40 mile ride went well, but I really need to improve on my speed!

We decided to treat ourselves to dinner at Lourial Plazza (I have been wanting it for months). They have the best chips and salsa and margaritas.

Then we headed over to Gazuza to met up with some friends for a couple drinks and good times.

Afterwords, we headed to Front Page (this was a really bad decison)! I fell while dancing there which was pretty embarrassing! But hey we had a fun night and kiwi had her own party as well while we were out!

The bad part about this night is when I woke up in the morning my right knee was killing me! Did this happen when I fell??? I have no clue, but this is my good knee! It hurts on the inside to just touch, walk, and bend at 90. OMG this sucks!

So the plan for Sunday was to do a shorter ride of about 15 miles and run 3 miles. What am I doing instead because I can't walk....being lazy and eating bad! I did mange to re-fill my exercise ball with my bike pump which was a huge production with-in itself. But I have yet to use it :(

Overall, I just ate really bad this weekend, got one long ride in, and hurt myself being stupid! I'm hoping that with a day of doing nothing and not pushing it to make it worse, my knee will feel better soon! I still can't believe this happened! Just when the dr said I could start running again! I must have really bad luck or am just really stupid!


  1. ack! drunk injuries are the worst. talk about adding insult to injury! hope you feel right soon.

  2. ummmm... you are wearing my favorite purple jersey!

  3. Katie, it's one of my favs too! Plus it was one sale when I got it :)