Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Test Run = Success

Somehow in the DC area we have seemed to skip over spring and went right to summer! I only ran 2 miles after work yesterday and it was so HOT! I was almost thankful that I did not have time to do more.

So, today, (being the smart person I am) I woke up early and ran 5 miles on my way into work. The weather wasn't too bad and there was small breeze that felt pretty good! This is the longest distance I have ran since March 26th and it was somewhat a test run. I would say it went pretty well and I only had a little bit of knee pain at the end of the run. Overall, the run was a success and I'm pretty happy about it!  Not a  bad pace too, 8:20. Now, my co-workers may not be so happy...I showed up to work a hot, smelly, sweaty mess! And no I did not give myself enough time to shower. I just splashed some water on my face and changed into my work clothes that I had brought in yesterday. I think my face was still pink for at least an hour after sitting at my desk. Oh well. I always look like a mess at work.

Looking forward to biking with M (aka Jason) after work. Thinking about doing the Mt. Vernon Trail. On a side note: does anyone have any suggestions on were to ride for a 50+ bike ride? 11 more days until the Black Water (56 mile) bike tour.


  1. Nice run! I've done a paper towel shower in the work bathroom before, too. :)

  2. yeah, DC is stupid. i want spring to be longer than 1 day!

    for long rides, try the W&OD - 90 miles roundtrip to purcellville and back.