Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Recap - Easter Edition

I had a great weekend visiting with my family in Ohio!
I got up extra early on Friday so I could fit all my workouts in before traveling that evening. After work I meet Jason at Union Station and we took the Marc up to BWI. Our flight was suppose to leave at 6:30pm, but it was delayed 2 hours! So we didn't get to my parents till 10 pm and everyone was already tired and sleepy. 
waiting in the airport = no fun!
Saturday was a planned rest day and the day started off with my dad making made to order breakfasts. He loves making breakfast. Afterwards we pulled out all the stuff to make Pysanky (Ukrainian) Eggs. Making the eggs is very time consuming and involves using a wax tool and dipping the egg in different colors. I made two eggs. One with a Ukrainian design and one cheesy triathlon egg!  

Then we headed over to my brothers house for my niece's 4th birthday party, which was so cute.
Sunday I got up early to try to fit a run in before everyone got up. My parents live on 50mph country roads, and I was too lazy to drive up to the park to run on the trails. So, instead I just went for a short run and luckly I only saw 4 cars out.
The rest of the day I visited family and ate yummy food and desert.
Kiwi sure was happy to see me when we got back about 8:30pm lastnight.
Overall, I had an ok week of training and a great weekend with my family. My miles for the week were as follows:
walking: 7.57
running: 18.24
biking: 30
swimming: 2.12
core + arms = 1.5 hours
Hopefully I will have more time this week to get in more cycling miles and strength.

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