Thursday, April 21, 2011

Skipped my ride....

So my plan for this week was to go for 3 rides. Well, it's Thursday and I have really only rode 18 miles on Tues. The weather was perfect out yesterday, but my motivation level was low and I felt tired. I did 35 minutes of core/arm work thinking that this may wake me up a bit and I was hoping when Jason got home he would motivated me to get my butt on my bike! Yeah this did not happen. Instead we had to run up to the hardware store and get grout sealer for our back splash before the store closed. So, I ended up working on the kitchen instead of cycling.
Well, I thought no big deal, I'll go this morning.....but, this did NOT happen! I hit snooze a bunch of times and ended up just riding to work which is only 4 miles, (but I'll take the 4 miles as one of my rides). I'm just really beating myself up now though for skipping last night and I guess this morning!
I don't know when I am going to get this make-up ride in?! I have to coach tonight and swim, so I don't get home till 10pm. Tomorrow I will pray for no rain and try my hardest to get up super early and ride HP before work. If I don't do it tomorrow then basically I will not get it in this week! I fly to Cleveland tomorrow night and won't be getting back till late on Sunday and will have no access to a bike or gym. Ok, I'm doing a lot of rambling and complaining, sorry.
Happy Thursday :)

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