Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My First Post

Hmmm....I don't really know where to start for my first post? I was going to talk about my ride tonight, but ended up feeling sick and ended up skipping it.
While training for the National Half I decided that I did not want to drink a month before the race. So, while out on a Friday night with my husband he says to me: I don't like what you're athlete! I look at him and laugh, because I would like to think I have always been an athlete, but I may not have been one with the most focus over the last couple of years. Being more focused on my training does not make me different or less fun (I still like having a beer here or stay out late) but I would like to think it will make me a better swimmer, biker, and runner.
I'm really starting this blog because I have never done a triathlon before and I am hoping that by talking about it will help me stay on track for the Nations Triathlon 9/11/11. Plus, Jason is getting sick of me talking about and his favorite... brick! I am nervous and excited about doing the TRI and don't really know what to expect or wear for that matter. Since registering for the race I have convinced two of the other gymnastics coaches that I work with to sign up as well. We have not had a chance to train together yet, but knowing that I will be going out for the race with two friends makes me feel more at ease.
So hopefully through this blog I will be able to talk about what I love, life, and be able to stay on track of my training:)

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