Friday, April 15, 2011

Random Things

1. Went for my first 3 mile run in almost 3 weeks yesterday on my lunch! The weather was prefect out, but my knee not so much! I am thinking about making a follow up dr apt if it continues to bother me this much. This no running thing (or barely running thing) is really starting to suck. On the up note I was surprised at my time: 23:45.
2. I am going for a ride after work today in my new super cheesy jersey! But for some reason I like it. And I remembered my sunglasses today: bonus!
3. I have been on an orange kick for about 2 months now. I eat one just about every day with my lunch. Well the streak has come to an end. I ate a horrible one, yuck! Onto to McIntosh apples now = yum!
4. My parents are coming to visit and will be here tomorrow. I am super excited to see them! My cousin and aunt will also be visiting this weekend. Which means I have to clean and to the grocery store. My two least favorite things to do in the whole world.
5. Since my family will be here this weekend I am not sure if I will get as much cycling in as I would like.
6. My co-worker is leaving for Boston tomorrow and will be running in the Boston Marathon! Dare I say I'm jelous! I haven't ran a marathon in a very long time, but would love to run Boston.
Happy weekend all!

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  1. i like your bike jersey! and def go to a dr about that knee...and then go to physical therapy!