Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Pain Returns!

So, in my head I had planned out how wonderful this post was going to be! The title was going to be I'm Running Again! Well this is not the case :(

I went for a small 2 mile run on Monday, NO pain. I went for another small 2 mile run in the morning on Tues, followed by a 4 mile run after work, NO pain. So I'm thinking to myself I'm in the clear, right? My plan this morning was to do another test run and add an extra mile. Well this has nothing to do with my knee, but I didn't eat before my run so decided to just run 4 instead on 5, no biggy. Well right around the Washington monument I started to feel some pain in my knee. I thought to myself, maybe I'm just imaging it, my knee is better now?!?! No, I wasn't imaging it, my knee really started to hurt around 9th St, which was about 3.25 miles into my run. So, I had to walk the rest of my run! OMG, I am so sick not being able to run!

Maybe, I'm trying to run to many days in a row without a break, before my poor knee is all the way healed? But I feel like I have not been over doing it and have been running short distances. I will take tomorrow off from running and try a 3 mile run on Friday. Then over the weekend I will talk to my sista, who is a PT, and see if she has some advice for me. This whole ligament strain is killing me!

On a side note, I saw a poor cyclist getting pulled over for going through a red light by Constitution and 3rd nw this morning. Don't the cops have anything better to do, then to pull over a poor cyclist on his way to work! I got pulled over about a month ago on my bike and it sucks! What is a bike commuter to do?


  1. have you seen the PT? those people work wonders! i have a great one in falls church if you need a recommendation.

    sorry your knee is hurting!

  2. Lauren, my sister is a PT and I'm seeing her this weekend. So I hope she can help me out. Thanks for the recommendation though.

  3. I hope your knee stops acting up! Its probably a good idea to only run every other day until its totally 100% completely fine again.