Thursday, May 19, 2011

The cost of the sport!

So my first tri is 31 day away! I am pretty excited and nervous at the same time. I guess I will see if my no training plan will pay off? I have no idea why I have been winging all my training when I haven't down a tri yet? I have been trying to do each area at least 3 times a week. I feel pretty ready for it and actually think the sprint will be easy. Too bad I can't change it to the Olympic. But, I think it will be a good learning experience because I am pretty nervous about the open water swim and the transitions.  

Kiwi will be with when I ride :)

On a different note, this sport is so expensive! Since I have started I'm not even sure how much money I have spent? I didn't have a road bike when I started my journey so I bought an entry level road bike, the Giant Avil 1 and spent more than expected. Then I had no bike shorts, tri shorts, or bike jerseys. I'm not sure how much I spent on all this stuff, but a new one just came in the mail yesterday! It is kind of dorky, but it has a cat on it! to match Kiwi of course :) I think it is going to be my favorite one and I will test it on my ride tomorrow. I also had no swim suite or goggles. So, I had to buy those as well. The first pair of goggles sucked, so I had to buy another pair which I love!
Tues I decided that I need to upgrade my pedals and get some real pedals and clip shoes, which equals more money! I went up to city bikes located on 8th to check things out. The guy was really nice who helped me pick out the pedal that would be best for me. I went with the Keo Classics. They only had two pairs of women's shoes in the store and I liked the Specialized shoe with the rotary closure. This closure was so neat and easy to tighten, I loved it. However, they didn't have my size, so they are ordering it for me and they will be next week. I guess I will have to suffer another week without them. I will manage. I think this whole little trip though cost me another $300. When my shoes come in next week, I will be bringing my bike up and they will install the pedals for me and put me in the trainer, so I can get used to the shoes. 
With my Pedals, but no shoes :(
All in All I think I have spent just about 2,000 or more. Ouch! Someone please take my credit card away from me! I think we as triathletes could have our own MasterCard commercial:
New road bike = $1300.00
Pedals and shoes = $300.00
Cost of race = $200.00
Racing in your first triathlon = priceless!
And every time I'm bored, I'm looking up races.... This week I signed up for two half marathons: Baltimore and Philly. More money! And to my surprise Jason willingly signed up the bmore half! This will be his first half marathon, so exciting!  I haven't made up my mind if I want to race this or just run with Jason to help motivate and push him along. I have also been looking for more tri's to sign up for and really wanted to do Rockets Landing, but I will be out of town that weekend. Any suggestions for good ones in August, end of sept, or oct? Oh and did I mention I need new running shoes too! I will be ordering some from zappos today.
Ok, I am rambling. Happy Thurs!

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  1. You went for the clipless pedals! Awesome!