Thursday, May 12, 2011


So, I purchased the VORTEX 3 SLEEVELESS WETSUIT and it came last week. I struggled to get the sucker on and once it was one I felt like the neck/collar was very high/constrictive and it felt like it was chocking me. I tired it on again last night and it felt a little better, I guess. Although I feel like a fat blimp in it!

Now, I have never worn a wetsuit before, so I'm not exactly sure how they are suppose to fit? I feel like it fits fine every where else, but the neck area. Maybe my torso is too long? I have been thinking about ordering one size up and see if it fits any better? I have been reading other people's reviews and they said their neck kind of felt the same way, but felt better when they were in the water, so I don't know? Maybe I just need to swim in it once and make my decision after that?

Any help, suggestions? How does your wetsuit fit you?


  1. you have to pull it up REALLY REALLY REALLY high so it's pinching your crotch and then your neck will be a bit looser. or so i've heard. :)

  2. i have the same wetsuit and I had the same issue! I took and zipped up the suit with my foam roller in the neck for a few hours and it seems to have helped. What also helps is when you get in the water with it (it stretches out a little) make sure you use body glode around your neck so you dont get the wet suit hicky!