Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Three Things Tues.

1. I am super, super tired/exhausted today! I set my alarm for 6am, but I didn't think twice about resetting my clock till 6:50. I think I was still more than half asleep when I left out the door this morning and forgot my work ID and cycling gloves. Every now and again I like to take a day off of work and just do nothing and sleep all day. Today is one of those days! I wish I was still in bed sleeping because that's all I want to do. Is it 4 o'clock yet?
2. My next couple of weekends are busy which makes training difficult. This upcoming weekend I am going to Dewey Beach till Monday. Jason and I plan to bring our bikes with us and ride while his other friends are golfing. Plus I may be able to squeeze in a couple shorter beach runs. Then the first weekend in June my sister and brother-in-law are visiting from OH. Yippy! My sister gets up super early so I won't be able to sneak any workouts in, in the morning and I want to visit, so I will have to make sure I get everything in during the week. June 11-12 I am free! This weekend I plan to go to HP and do a practice sprint tri. I think the pool should be open by then?
3. I was the smelly kid at the pool last night! The last time I swam was last Thur. and I forgot to take my suit and towel out of my bag. So when I went for my swim last night.. yep you guessed it... my suit and towel smelled pretty bad and they were still wet. Oh well, into the water I went. It always takes awhile for my shoulders to warm up, but they eventually do. I also can never think of anything while I'm swimming besides what lap I'm on. It's so easy to loose count. Especially since I'm swimming in a 25 meter pool, I wish it was a 50 meter.
Happy Tues. I hope everyone is more awake and than I am.

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  1. Thats what happened to me this morning, too! Sooooo tired.