Friday, May 27, 2011

Random Things Friday

1. OMG I love my new bike shoes! I can't believe what a difference they make!

2. I didn't drink at all in high school and couldn't believe on of the D.A.R.E officers at a party was drinking. I was disgusted! I actually didn't have my first drink until my second semester in college.

3. I tired to be on a rowing team but hated getting up at 4:30am. It is the only thing I have ever quit.

4. I love to eat everything plain. I hate condiments on sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, etc.

5. I hate sea food. Even the smell of it makes me sick!

6. I was in a daisy dukes contest when I was 24. They made us get up on stage one at a time and dance to a song with a bag on our heads so we would not be judged on our face! It was one of the most humiliating things I have ever done. Needless to say I did not win the $2000 bucks which was the first place prize.

7. Who says you can't meet your husband at a bar? I met Jason at Bourbon in Adams Morgan. I put him in my phone as: "guy from bar".

8. My sister is my best friend and was my roommate for two years in college. I loved living with her and wish we lived closer. Living 7 hours apart sucks!

9. I seriously saw a space ship in my back yard when I was about 10. I was so scared and ran in the house. The next day the grass was burned from where it took back off. Yes, I believe in Aliens, because I saw them!

10. Being on twitter is so addicting! But I love it!

11. Mamba's are my favorite candy, but they are hard to find. I'll take Swedish fish or anything fruity if the store doesn't have them.

12. I grew up always having a dessert after dinner and I still like to have something sweet after dinner.

13. I won all-around at every meet as a level 6 gymnast (when I was 11). At one meet I took second place and cried my eyes out on the podium! Umm...can we say bad sportsmanship! Now I would love to be second at a race.

14. I ate rat poison when I was two and had to have my stomach pumped.

15. Cherry,orange, and grape pop are my favorite. And yes I hate calling it soda, it's pop!

17. I love cats! If Jason would let me I would have so many! Kiwi needs friends and I need more cats to love!

18. I call our shed in our backyard a barn. It absolutely drives Jason nuts, but growing up I had a barn in our backyard so I'm just used to saying that.

19. I love writing down funny things people say and created a quote board for the frig. My family and friends love reading all the funny quotes and my parents even started their own :)

20. I'm only working till noon today, then off the Dewey beach! Maybe I can even out my tan/sun burn lines from cycling.


  1. Have a great trip to the beach!
    My brother met his fiancée at a bar too (McFaddens of all places)

  2. I love your new bike shoes too! I may have to get myself a pair.

    I'm also with you on 10, 12 and 17. I've thought about a second cat, but I'm too afraid my cat would hate having another cat around so I've never tried. I just imagine that two fighting cats in a one bedroom apartment would be rough.

    Have fun at the beach!