Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Recap

So, my weekend started off with a mini duathlon that wasn't planned after worked on Friday, but just kind-of happened. My original plan was to run 5 miles then wait for Jason to get home from work, then bike at HP. Well, Jason got off work early, so we wanted to ride a bit earlier. So, I ran 2 miles home from work, changed into my bike clothes/picked up Jason and off to HP we went. HP is always windy, but it was extra windy on Friday and it was a hellish ride! We ended up just doing 17 miles. I still wanted to get my 5 miles of running in, so when we got back, I changed into my running shorts and did a short 3 miles, which made me happy. I tired to convince Jason to do this brick with me... he made it one block and turned around :(

Saturday was filled with lots of gymnastics fun and a rest day for me! I got up at 5:30 am and was out the door 15 minutes later on my way to a gymnastics meet. I have 12 girls on my team in different ages groups/levels so I had 4 sessions to coach that day. I love gymnastics, but the worst part about these meets is the food they provide for the coaches. The entire day I had a half of bagel, a hot pretzel, and mac and cheese. These are all horrible carbs and I was so hungry. Anyhow, my girls did great and we had a couple first places in different events and all-around! I'm so proud of them! Awards for the last session weren't over till 8:30pm, so I was tired with a 2 hour drive home in-front of me. These long days are always worth it to me though :)

Sunday, called for a 50 mile bike ride! Yikes ... I have never rode this far! We had decided on riding the W&OD trail. This meant riding down the mall to Mt Vernon, then connecting to the 4 mile trail and finally connecting up to the W&OD trail. We left around 10am and the weather felt cold so I wore a long sleeve shirt under my jersey. I complained about this decision for probably the first 10 miles because I was hot! Ugg.. I never choose the right thing to wear. And just 3 miles into the ride I had to make a potty stop at the Washington monument rest rooms. Yes, I had the bright idea of drinking water, orange juice, and milk right before my ride. At about mile 14 it started to rain a little, then it started to rain a lot! We stopped to re-group and decide if we should keep riding or turn around? I really didn't want to cut this ride short though and cheat out on the miles I really needed to get in!

On a side note every time we stop at a light or something, Jason checked his back tire ... annoying! He just got a new tire too...

Anyhow, we both decided that it wasn't raining that bad and we wanted to keep going. I'm glad we did, because it stopped raining shortly afterwards. My legs felt ok most of this ride and didn't really start to hurt until mile 30 or so. And my bottom half was very happy with my new bike shorts I just got :) Overall this ride was a  lot of fun and I saw lots of Jason's bum over the 3:30 half hours.

I have never rode on the W&OD trail before and loved it! Nicely paved paths and not too crowded, which was the best part! I'm not sure if it was because of the over cast weather or if it's such a long trail the people are more spread out? Who knows, but it was great and I plan on riding it again.  I also loved the old train car and had to stop for a photo! I have to say I no complaints about this ride today :) I didn't even swallow any bugs or have drool stuck to the side of my face. Which always seems to happen to me at some point while out cycling.

After our ride we were pretty hungry, so we went down to Match Box on Barracks row for an early dinner, then stopped at Ted's for a milk shake! Yum!

This upcoming Saturday is my first ever bike event! I am nervous and don't know what to expect. But, I do feel like I can ride 56 miles now, even if I haven't been able to train like I would have liked too.


  1. oh, matchbox is one of my favorite places! also, i live half a mile from where the MV meets the 4 mile run!

  2. great ride! what cycling event are you doing this weekend?