Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Recap

I had a great weekend which mainly consisted of a lot of driving, riding, running, and visting! Oh and eating out at restaurants.

I am going to keep this weekend recap short and post my race reports tomorrow. Enjoy the picture recaps :)

Saturday we drove to Cambridge MD for the Six Pillars Black Water Tour. The ride was awesome! and the weather was perfect. I forgot to put on sun screen though and my arms and legs are a nice lobster red now!

I think it's time to buy a bike rack for the car!

On my way to the start line

Cyclist's picking up their numbers

Jason gets a flat 2 miles into the ride ... I will talk about this later

At about mile 25
With Jason after we finished - 3 hours 24 minutes

On the way home we stopped at the Prime Shopping Outlets
Sunday morning the alarm was set for 7:00am to get ready and go the my first 5k! I was excited for this race because I wanted to see how fast I could run! Plus the run went through the cemetery which I thought was pretty cool.

At the start of the run ... why oh why did I wear long pants?

Jason at the start of the run

A pretty bad self picture before the start of the race

The race was great and I ran faster than I thought I could.... 22:40 in my unoffical time ... this race actaully was not chip timed .....errrrrr.....I will talk about this later as well.

Later that day we drove up to Fredrick Md and took Jason's mom out for lunch for mother's day. It was a great visist.

The rest of the weekend I thought about cleaning... but never did it :(

Hope you guys had a great weekend as well! 

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  1. Nice weekend! Congrats on your speedy 5k!