Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Three Things Tues.

1. I actually woke up a little early this morning to get in 5 miles before work. Well, ok, my alarm went off at 6 am and I snoozed until 6:25. I then hopped in the shower, put on my running clothes and got two days worth of work outfits together. Since it was raining I put everything in a zip lock, then into my little bag and off running I went. Since I hit snooze I did not have enough time to run back home and shower, so this would be a run right into work. I ran 2 miles with my bag on and dropped it off with the front guards at my building and continued down to the mall the get in another 3.something miles. The weather was great out there this morning and my run felt great. I was pretty excited that I didn't keep sleeping till 6:50 like I always do. Once I got back to my office I was wet and smelly. I keep a towel at my desk, so I was ok there, but when I opened my bag I forgot to bring a bra and a dry pair of underwear..bummer! Luckily the tank top I brought to wear under my bottom down has one of those little build in bra things in it. Good thing I don't have big boobs. And the underwear, I guess my butt is just wet... Oh well I am still happy.
2. Tomorrow I am waking up extra early to be at a track workout at 5:40am with the DC Tri Club! Yikes, I hate getting up early! This will be my first track/speed work since college. Needless to say it's been awhile, but I really need it. I am pretty nervous to meet up with the group since I feel like I will be the slowest person there. We will be doing the following: 4 x 400, 4 x 800, 4 x 400. I think I might die! I am still not sure if I want to run to the track or ride my bike? Either way I have my clothes already at work and just plan on showering at my little gym here.

Umm..yeah I need real shoes!

3. So when I was younger I hated wearing shoes in the summertime and would never wear them. This always posed a problem when my sister and I went to jump onto our bikes...the pedals would hurt our feet! So I had the great idea they should invent a bike with built in shoes attached to the pedals. To test out my great idea my sister let me duck tape her feet to the pedals. I'm still not sure why she let me do this to her, as I'm the youngest? Anyhow, down the all gravel driveway she went. When she went to make a turn...you guessed it... she couldn't get her feet out and the bike and her went down together! She was ok and I was laughing so hard.. my idea sucked! It was back to riding our bikes barefoot with pedal marks on the bottom of our feet.

Needless to say I haven't really thought about this story for a long time until recently. I have been trying to decide... if I need to get clip shoes for my bike? And I think I finally feel comfortable enough to make the big move forward and become a real cyclist with some fancy shoes :) I know I'm going to suck at first and fall a few times, but I think I will manage. Plus, I think it will make me faster, at least I hope so because my bike times suck!

So hopefully I will have time to go on Sunday to check things out at
City Bikes on 8th!
Happy Tues All! For me this week seems to be flying by!


  1. I can say from experience that you are not the first person to forget underwear when going to work directly after a workout.

  2. Good luck on your first track workout!

  3. Um, I have totally gone comando under work pants before. Sorry, it happens sometimes.

    Get bike shoes! They're not that scary and they'll make cycling that much better!