Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Should I Join??

So I have been looking at some places in DC to swim. Currently I swim at Fairland Sports and Aquatics center (where I coach gymnastics). They have three great pools, but it's in Laurel, MD and takes about an hour to get to. Because of this I am only swimming twice a week after I finish coaching. I am always super tired/hungry at this point and it's always a struggle to get myself into the pool.  
Well, I called Georgetown Law last week and scheduled an apt to take a look at their sport and fitness center. I just finished my tour and it's awesome! The big question and only question is do I want to pay 79.00 a month to join??
1. Literally right next door to wear I work !
2. Usually only students and staff can use the facility, but they also let some DOJ employees use it, so it will never be over crowded!
3. They have a 4 lane - 25 yard pool!
4. Spin classes and other classes
5. Basketball and racket ball courts
6. Nice looking cardio equipment, weight machines, and free weights.
1. I never use treadmills
2. I can basically do everything I do at the gym (besides swim) at home or outside.
3. Cost!!!

I don't know what to do?? I have been thinking about swimming at the FREE pool at Eastern Market but they have crazy hours and the pool doesn't look so great. I have also been thinking about swimming at the Haines Point pool when it opens (also free).


  1. I think it depends on what means more to you...the extra cash or the convenience. I just joined a gym almost entirely for the pool, but it was about half as much as you are looking at. Of course, with gas prices where they are it might end up costing the same to drive to the other facility more often!

  2. Con -- Your husband can't use it!