Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Recap

OK, this was not the best weekend in my life, but I guess it wasn't that bad either.

Sat morning I got up around 7ish and had an english muffin with peanut butter and made a smoothie. Jason is a slow mover in the morning and we probably didn't make it out the door until after 8 for out 30 mile ride.
I thought this was going to be a great ride, but boy was a wrong! I don't know why, but this is one of the worst riders ever! We went down the mall, to Mt Vernon, to 4 mile, to the W&OD trail. Since it was super sunny and nice out (which just equals super hot to me) everyone in their mother was out on the trails. This is and was so annoying to try to dodge people who act like they own the whole trail! Errrr! Another annoying factor was Jason (sorry Jason). Even though we ride together at least once a week, this ride was horrible for pacing! He would speed up and I would be so far behind him because well I'm slow. Then he would slow way down so I could catch up and not realize I was right behind him almost running him over.  

I was so irritated that I was just ready to turn around and go home. But I held out till what I thought was the 15 mile mark and stopped at check my phone. WTF! the GPS never started on it and I had no clue how far we had went. I swore it was 15 miles, Jason swore it was only 13. Either way we turned around and to make up for the missing milage (maybe?) we did one lap around Haines Point on the way home to make up for it. I might look happy in this picture, but yeah I'm not. And to top off this ride, I wore a sleeveless jersey and totally forgot to put my spf 50 on my back! Now I have a nice red sun burn on my back on the sides only. Perfect this looks sweet!  

Jason's Happy not to hear me bitch anymore

I'm hot and ready to go home

The DC 101 Chili Cookoff was next on our plate for Sat. I just bought a super cute dress, but the whole back is open and I was determined to somehow sew a bra into this. Total time worked on the dress: an hour and half! One bra and my favorite tank top cut up and ruined, equals me super super annoyed! Needless to say my idea didn't work and I just had to wear something else. My plan was not to drink at the cookoff, but I was having a bad day and really wanted a beer.

Beers were 8 bucks! For bud light! I have not drank in two months and my first drink is a bud light! Yeah I was disappointed! Then I switched to water which tasted so good! I had a pretty good time despite sitting in the blazing sun for 6 hours and feeling old around all the young kids drinking their asses off.

Bud light = :(

Why don't the lines look like this at a race??

Yum .. water

Sunday was pretty unproductive, and turned into messing with our ceiling all day long! We got some kindof leak from the bathroom into our kitchen. Umm...yeah I'm pissed! We just re-did our kitchen last year and I really don't want to rip down cabinets!

On the up note, my new running shoes came on Friday and I was really wanted to take them for a test run. So I dragged Jason with me for a slow, relaxed 3 mile run yesterday. I thought running with my new shoes would make my feet feel like they were running on clouds. WRONG! They hurt my arches. These are the same shoes that I always get. I am wondering if they changed something? I am sending them back!

I'm excited about my shoes before the run

Kiwi is excited about the box my shoes came in


  1. I'm with you on the trail! I left my house around 645 (mile 7.5 WOD). My ride was great until I hit Reston on the way back in and a complete shit show from there. Next week I'm getting up even earlier. I'm also thinking about checking out the DC Tri B ride on Saturday morning from Glen Echo.

  2. I've been doing most of my rides at Hains Point to avoid dealing with the super crowded trails, but I'm also only doing 15-20 miles. I know I will eventually have to brave the WOD or Mt. Vernon if I want to go farther (and have some hills). I guess I'm going to have to get up really early!

  3. oh yeah, definitely avoid the trails on weekends as much as possible. They are a complete disaster. When the summer hits, forget about it. Ugh.